Why Choose Optavia Weight Loss Program?

Optavia Weight Loss is an online weight loss plan meant to assist individuals with weight control by offering nutritionally-sound food choices and support throughout the weight loss process. The company boasts that its seven-week program provides a wide range of support to help people lose weight, while building their confidence at the same time. These diet plans are included, and the business further claims to add expert support from Optavia consultants, recipes, exercise plans to prepare your preferred healthy meals, Exerciseations, and motivational support from the online community. It also offers special deals and free trial memberships.

The website boasts that it is a one stop shop for everything a person needs to successfully weight control. Optavia Weight Management provides diet plans, exercise programs, support through the forum, and a community with tips and tricks for better weight management. In addition, one can purchase gifts, get advice from toll-free phone numbers, order diet programs, track calories and shopping baskets, enter sweepstakes, and find a number of printable coupons for free.

The company offers three possible weight loss solution packages: Ultimate Weight Loss Plan, Ultimate Diet Plan, and Weight Management Meal Planner. With the Ultimate Weight Loss Plan, there are eight ”fuelings” that can be incorporated into a daily meal plan. These fuelings are green meals that are low calorie alternatives. One can eat lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and shakes. The fuelings improve hunger signals, thereby increasing the individual’s energy level and metabolism.

Medifast is available in both bagged and prepackaged food formats. Both options are low in calories, but Medifast has a pre-packaged food option that some people like better because it contains more whole foods. With the Ultimate Diet Plan, there are only six possible feelings; this makes it easier to follow a weekly meal plan. The third option, the Medifast meal plans and prepackaged food are similar; however, with Medifast you have the convenience of having your food ready to eat whenever you are ready to eat. Both plans include enough protein (at least 5 ounces a day), fiber, fat, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help you lose weight.

One of the reasons why Medifast is so successful is that you eat five of the meals and only one of the snacks each day. This is referred to as the Optimal Portion System, which helps you stay on track and stay hungry. Also, since there are six meals and six snacks, you are not tempted to skip either a meal or a snack, which often leads to unhealthy eating patterns. The meals themselves are light and are filled with lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein. The Optimal Portion System keeps you satisfied and will keep you on track.

The other positive factor about the Medifast program is that the coaches who create the meals are able to offer tips and tricks for making the meals even more healthy. For example, if you are having trouble controlling your appetite, you can get tips for how to change the frequency of your meals or even how to control your emotions when you eat if you find yourself snacking too often. There are also several different programs that are offered through the Medifast website and an additional program for dentists called ”Optimize.” There are over forty recipes in the Optimum Diet Plan cookbook and you can access twenty-one recipes online at the Optavia website. The pre-packaged food options from Medifast also helps you stick to your diet by providing easy to prepare frozen dinners that are good for weight loss and will keep you from feeling hungry.

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