4 Celebrities You Can’t Help But admire For Having a Perfect Body

A friend recently lost a great deal of weight and shared with me her reasons for doing so. She has also shared with me her strategy for future weight loss. The first phase in her plan was to make a personal, ”bucket list” of foods she could eat on a particular day that was free from junk food or fattening treats. She made a list of twenty-three foods and worked it into her weekly diet.


This saved her a lot of time in the mornings when she used to consume carbs, fried food, and sugars during breakfast. What’s great about this initial phase of her weight loss plan was that she was able to reward herself for eating less by enjoying various ”healthy snacks.” Take her example as motivation and apply it to your own daily life and overall well-being. Begin by following the proper diet, allot time for exercise and build upon your social support by chatting with those with similar goals and similar values.

As she lost weight, she also made a decision to eat healthier foods. This required making more creative choices regarding which foods to eat more often. Instead of opting for fried chicken and other unhealthy items, for instance, she began to enjoy fruits and vegetables. As you implement and adapt your precious weight loss plan, you’ll find that it begins to flow naturally, instead of being a chore.

As this precious weight loss strategy was unfolding, my friend also made important decisions to help her maintain the loss. She made a decision to take a break from spicy food and alcohol, which had previously caused her to gain weight. She chose to drink water, rather than coffee, for example, and stuck to a lower calorie diet (without sacrificing sweet treats). Rather than reach for chocolate candy bars during meals, she settled on healthier alternatives, including fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, and granola.

In these final precious weight loss pics I’ve provided, she’s wearing a beautiful blue top, which is one of the many reasons why I love this actress. At one time she had this body, but now her muscles are so defined that it looks like she has undergone some kind of body makeover. Her arms and legs look thicker and bigger than they have in the past, and her face is contoured into a much younger, thinner look. Her cheeks have more definition, and her hair is a nice natural color.

You can see that losing weight doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, difficult task. You don’t have to have a fax machine or an expensive gym membership to shed the pounds. All you have to do is make some small changes to your life, such as choosing a healthy, low calorie, low fat, low carb diet. Once you commit to changing your life around and taking massive action each day, your metabolism will burn calories effectively, and you will lose weight quickly and easily.

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