Optavia Weight Loss – What You Should Know About the Program

What is Optavia Weight Loss System? Optavia Weight Loss System is a full system that aims to assist individuals lose weight effectively. It consists of a high protein, low calorie, three different diets. All of them focus on eating frequent, small meals rather than 3 large meals a day. This method allows the individual to be able to eat in such quantities as to help the body burn off calories and get rid of excess fat.


The diet consists of five main sections: Fueling, Support, Flexibility and Support Plans. Each section contains its own unique fuelings and support formulas. The Fueling section includes energy boosting beverages such as orange juice and sports drinks. There are also choices such as energy bars and protein bars. The Flexibility Plan consists of meal replacement and comfort foods such as cold cuts, yogurt and granola bars.

The Support Plan is where most of the weight loss is achieved. The Support Plan consists of low calorie and low fat snack foods. The flex plans include meal replacement and comfort food items. These flex fuelings allow the person to have small meals throughout the day and still lose weight. The last fuelings for the system are called Flex Carbohydrates.

As far as the diets go they are very easy to follow and do not require you to count calories. In fact the calorie intake is what is used to determine how much fuel you are going to need. If you take in more calories than you use then you will lose weight and this is the only way that the system works. The other thing that is important is that you find an intake level that will help you lose weight.

The main reason why these low calorie diets fail is because there is no way for a body to get its energy from anything other than food. Since we all eat food everyday we are always on the go and have little time to eat healthy. It is easy to overeat when you are trying to lose weight since it takes longer for your body to break down the food that you eat. You may find yourself buying foods that you normally wouldn’t and eating a big lunch. When you finish eating and you are ready to go to work you usually binge and then have a crash later in the evening.

There is hope for the Optavia Weight Loss program as long as you keep an eye on the details. If you are having troubles with portion control and have trouble eating healthy then it would be in your best interest to hire a health coach that has a track record for success. Look for a coach that specializes in fitness as the Optavia weight loss plan does not require you to be an athlete or a professional in any sport. This is because the diet requires you to eat healthy and exercise regularly. A good trainer will help you identify ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and this will eliminate the need to binge and feel as though you are missing out on something.

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