Celine Dion Weight Loss Rumors

A new woman singer has taken the world by storm with her stunning new weight loss song ”elight”. While the original singer’s change has received mixed reviews from fans, Celine states she feels very feminine and strong. Celine Dion wishes those who believe she’s lost weight to understand that she’s doing the right thing by getting in shape. The 53 year-old singer, who is currently the latest ambassador for Lawrence Paris, states she’s lost a few pounds but maintains she’s in great shape. She attributes this change to her healthy diet and exercise programs.

In order for Celine to maintain her image as an Anorexic and to keep people interested in her music, it’s imperative she maintains a healthy diet and an exercise program. Recently, a rumor circulated online that Celine Dion was being denied weight loss help because of her heavy anorexia and weight loss history. This rumor was false. Celine states on her MySpace page that she’s been receiving death threats for the past several years. Celine has always denied rumors of her anorexia or other unhealthy dieting practices, even going as far as to say she doesn’t eat until she’s sick of eating.

One of the most telling things about Celine Dion’s MySpace page is that there are no clear pictures of her during her weight-loss days. There are pictures of her on her vacation, but there are no images of her when she was a typical thin, gorgeous Canadian woman. Celine has managed to keep herself healthy while maintaining her reputation as one of Canada’s most beautiful celebrities. Her fans are not only interested in her music, they also want to see the real Celine.

Celine Dion Weight Loss Program

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