The Truth About the Optavia Weight Loss Program

Optavia Weight Loss is an organization that promotes healthy living and weight loss through its products and services. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It also has several retail locations across the country. It was founded by fitness experts Isabel De Los Rios and Paula Campos.

Optavia is a pre-packaged weight management plan intended to assist with weight control by giving healthy, nutritionally rich meals and support throughout the day. These diet plans are individualized, and the business claims to provide professional support from Optavia personal trainers, recipes for the healthy meals, fuelings, and support from the mailing community. The company provides recipes and dietary information in over seventy languages. It also provides detailed dietary information, exercise tips, shopping tips, exercise schedules, and contact information for the Optavia personal coaching service.

Weight watchers, the consumer’s advocate in the field of diet and weight reduction, provides an extensive review of Optavia. It is written by a former Weight Watchers member who had personal experience with Optavia. The review concludes that the pre-packaged meal plans provided by Optavia are ”very good value for the money.” It also stated that the calorie chart provided is easy to read and will help in meeting personal eating goals. The calorie chart can be customized as desired by the client.

The website claims that they have been in business for over forty years. They offer a variety of diet programs such as Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, and their own Weight Management Planner. The weight management planner is included free with the weight Watchers program. Weight Watchers offers a variety of food options including a large variety of single serving foods, snacks, and treats. Weight management plans provide meal planning assistance and provide personalized daily exercise guidelines. The program has proven to be very popular among dieters.

The Optavia Weight Loss program also features its own unique pre-packaged foods that are targeted to individual needs. These foods include energy fuels, comfort foods, slim fast foods, fruits, vegetables, home delivery, and shakes. Energy fuels are specifically designed to give you extra energy to make it through your daily exercise routine or your daily activities. Comfort foods include coffees, teas, chocolates, cookies, chips, dips, ice cream, and sherbets.

The Optavia website lists several weight reduction tips including: Drink a lot of water each day, snack on fruit, vegetables, fiber-rich crackers, and nuts. Try to eat three green meals each day instead of the traditional two. Include five servings of fruits, veggies, and fiber-rich snacks per day for extra energy and comfort.

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