What Is The Meaning Of Gabourey Star Gabourey Looks Like?

Actress Gabourey Sidibe quickly rose to stardom in 2021 following her role in the acclaimed movie Precious, earning her an Oscar and a Golden Globe nod! The actress who played Precious quickly had a rapid weight loss transformation after secretly going under the knife just prior to filming, resulting in an impressive 200-pound weight loss in just over seven months! Is Gabourey Sidibe the real deal? Can people actually achieve weight loss this fast without harming themselves through unhealthy diets and extreme exercise? In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and more to determine if Gabourey Sidibe is a weight loss star or just another actor who looks good!


The truth is that while there are celebrities who have managed to lose weight for an incredibly long time with the help of private health care providers, it is not exactly normal for a person to lose two hundred pounds within a short period of time. If you are looking at Gabourey Sidibe as the real deal, then you will have to also consider the role that diet played in this miraculous weight loss for her. While she did take part in a strict weight loss plan, it is not uncommon for other actors to reduce their caloric intake as well and as a result drop weight quickly. However, no one can argue with the fact that after a rapid reduction in caloric intake, the actress did manage to maintain her weight and even lose a further forty pounds during the course of the seven-month period.

It seems that Gabourey aka precious shares her 150lb weight loss secret with us in the form of a svelte physique! The actress has always maintained that the only way she was able to achieve such great weight loss was by devoting herself to her weight loss program. She says that even though it was physically demanding, it was worth it since she felt great when she looked at herself in the mirror. She further claims that the program enabled her to live a healthier life. The results are visible in the photos, which have become the talk of the town!

Gabourey’s 150lbs loss came about due to a strict diet plan that she followed along with the help of her personal health coach. She used the discipline that she had gained while undergoing weight training in a private gym to help her lose weight fast. She says that the most important element to her precious weight loss achievement was her dedication to what she called the ”No Diet Plan”. She admits that although it was difficult at first, she was able to stick to it thanks to the support of her personal trainer. This plan enabled her to lose weight without having to worry about counting calories or obsessing over food.

Another thing that Gabourey mentions regarding her precious weight loss transformation is that exercise was a big part of her plan. She took regular workouts and also did strength training to achieve her goal. She further credits her positive attitude and her will power for being able to accomplish what she set out to do. Her determination and passion for life paid off as she was able to lose weight without stressing herself out.

All these attributes attributed to Gabourey’s healthy and weight loss regime have made her one of the most popular celebrities today. She has also gained a lot of fans since she revealed her personal identity. Her fans flock to her website and blog to see the amazing changes that she has brought about in her life. People from all around the globe even send her gifts and messages of support since she is so open and available to everyone. And not only is Gabourey beautiful, talented and smart, but she is also kind, generous and extremely caring. This is one of the reasons why she becomes such a beloved celebrity among people everywhere.

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