Why Does Postpartum Weight Loss Take So Long?

According to the researchers of a 2021 research, postpartum weight changes during and immediately after pregnancy can have serious long term health implications for some women. Postpartum weight change is a problem because it has been associated with an increased risk of obesity, long term weight regain and diabetes. However, women must approach postpartum weight loss very carefully, because the body actually takes some time to adjust to its new condition. Weight changes that take place during and immediately after pregnancy are normal and desirable in some cases, but women must be aware that there are dangers they could be facing if they do not act on these changes.


A majority of women who lost weight during their postpartum period did so successfully, but a significantly higher percentage of these women (nearly half) gained back the weight they had initially lost during pregnancy. Many researchers believe that this increased postpartum weight gain is caused by hormonal fluctuations. The results of the 2021 Study showed that a significant number of women whose hormonal balance had been disrupted before conception had a greater chance of experiencing postpartum weight loss, even when their bodies had already been fully adapted to maintain a normal weight.

For postpartum weight loss that is successful, women must make a few lifestyle changes. They must start eating smaller portions more frequently and eat meals several times a day, instead of only having their bodies break down in a single sitting. Women also need to add more physical exercise to their daily routine, and choose an appropriate form of exercise, such as walking, biking, swimming, or using other outdoor activities. It is also important for mothers to stop breast-feeding at least two weeks prior to breastfeeding and incorporate a quality breast-feeding guide into their daily routine.

Postpartum weight loss often takes time, and many new moms are surprised by how little change it really takes. In fact, if you look back at your own experiences giving birth, you may notice that the vast majority of those struggles involved losing significant amounts of weight. However, in today’s society, many pregnant women want to lose weight, yet are unwilling to do so on their own. Some women find it hard to commit to a consistent exercise routine and have difficulty committing to a healthy diet. Still others may have tried everything imaginable to lose weight, yet still find that their bodies are not changing in a way that they would like.

One of the reasons why postpartum weight loss can take so long is that many mothers are simply unwilling to make any lifestyle changes. They believe that the pain of giving birth will be worth whatever it takes to get their babies back. While this may be true for some women, for the majority it simply is not true. If your body has been going through the process of carrying a baby, you are going to continue to experience the changes that come with having babies.

One way to help shorten the postpartum weight loss process is to take action as soon as possible after childbirth. Begin exercising and eating better, and do not hesitate to start eating healthier. You should also keep an eye on your weight, because breastfeeding provides a number of different benefits. Breastfeeding also keeps your hormones balanced, which will help you slim down even quicker!

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