9 Months Postpartum – How to Maintain New Moms Postpartum Weight Loss

Some women want to quickly lose postpartum weight as a result of their experience. There are some cases where you lose so much that you need to be treated for severe complications. You can achieve postpartum weight loss more safely by feeding your newborn, keeping a healthy diet, and by exercising daily.


According to the researchers of a 2021 scientific review, postpartum weight loss can have serious long-term health effects for some women. Women who ate a high calorie/low fat diet before pregnancy gained an average of 33 pounds in the first six months of the pregnancy. Women who followed a low calorie but high protein diets gained an average of only 12 pounds. However, these women did not report any significant postpartum complications.

This suggests that folic acid and vitamin C play a vital role in maintaining healthy levels of these nutrients throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Folic acid is important for red blood cell production, while vitamin C helps keep blood cells healthy. To address postpartum weight loss issues, it has been suggested that women should eat more lean meats and avoid fatty foods. Moreover, they should take extra doses of folic acid and vitamin C, because these nutrients to help increase the amount of red blood cells produced. A good source of these nutrients is liver, but other food sources include broccoli, spinach, yellow squash, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, eggplant, and apricots.

When feeding your baby, you should follow a specific feeding schedule to ensure that you breastfeed for at least 20 hours. Make sure that you remove all nipple and pacifier, and avoid sucking on a bottle or teething rings. For those who are nursing, ensure that the baby is not left unattended during the process. You can use lukewarm water, a clean towel, and electric breast pump if necessary. After the baby is weaned, you can slowly introduce solids in between feedings.

Although breastfeeding is the recommended method of postpartum weight loss, it does not provide enough nutrients for the mother, as well as the infant. Therefore, it is important to supplement milk with different vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Some of the best options are whey, casein, soy, egg, rice, almond, and coconut milk. You can also add other supplements like iron, calcium, chromium, manganese, zinc, thiamine, and riboflavin to the mixture. These supplements will provide the necessary nutrients, as well as calcium and iron for healthy brain and muscle functions.

The lack of physical activity may be one of the biggest challenges for new moms. It is important to keep the body active and get as much daily exercise as possible. This will help in the reduction of postpartum weight loss symptoms. Some of the best exercises to perform after nine months postpartum include walking, jogging, swimming, jogging, cycling, playing sports, stretching, and aerobic exercise. The best way to stay fit is to adopt an active lifestyle by incorporating these new mom’s lifestyle changes into the new mama’s routine.

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